CreateStackOp Bug

I am using Snap2.0 via GPT and tried to use the CreateStack operator with a Resampling Type set to BISINC_11_POINT_INTERPOLATION. However, the S1TBX throws an error when I try to run this:

Operator ‘CreateStackOp’: Value for ‘Resampling Type’ is invalid: ‘BISINC_11_POINT_INTERPOLATION’

In fact the same error is thrown by the SNAP2.0 GUI when I try to a CreateStack there.

Thanks those interpolation levels aren’t needed there. I’ve fixed the validation here and other operators where this problem also comes up.

Ok. May I also suggest that resampling methods that are available for a given operator are named the same for all operators… This is for example not the case for the WarpOp!