Creating a DSM along a coast: Issue with Unwrapped Interferogram

Hello Everyone,

So I have been trying to create a DSM of a coast and some islands, and have run into some issues regarding how the data looks in the unwrapped interferogram (which affects my height data). I have been using the following method to process my SAR data:

  1. Co-register 2 images
  2. Interferogram formation
  3. Deburst + Merge
  4. Goldstein phase filtering
  5. Phase unwrapping
    -SNAPHU export,
    -run SNAPHU on ubuntu,
    -SNAPHU import

The final steps after successfully importing from SNAPHU are:
6) Phase to Height
7) Range Doppler Terrain Correction

After step 5, when I observe the unwrapped interferogram ( of an island and coast), bands appear (along the sea) that seem to skew the data and I don’t know why ( please see image below: coherence image on the left , phase image on bottom right and resulting unwrapped interferogram on the upper right) .

The bands follow a gradient from left to right and can be observed after phase to height and terrain correction. The gradient of heights of course is not representative of the area at all.
Does an have an idea why this is happening? Thank you for your suggestions.