Creating subset of rotated images

Check the 4 rectangles labelled 1 to 4. Rectangles 3 and 4 are the satellite images.
1 is the subset of 3 and 2 is the subset of 4.
I wanted a common subset of 3 and 4 which I tried to create using “Subset” option in “Raster” using the geographic coordinates. The rectangles 1 and 2 have same top-right and bottom-left coordinates but the other 2 corners are taken as the lines parallel to the original images. The subset option doesn’t provide an option to enter all the 4 coordinates of a rectangle. Is there any way, I can get the same overlapping subset.

Also, is there any way in which i can subset multiple images with a set of 4 coodinates, i.e. without manually subsetting every single image(which may even solve the problem above!)?

Just in case if its of any use, I am using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 images to create a common geographic subset.

Collocate both original images to a single stack and then you can subset this stack and all images will have the same extent.

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The collocation option might work, but the collocation tool allows only for 2 images to be collocated, so if you have 2+n images is becoming a long and tidious work-around.

I have reported a similar problem in the past, to me it worked properly by manually defining the Output parametes of the subset tool (unabling the “preserve resolution” option):

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The subset tool is not providing a preview and forever spends time creating thumbnail image and then freezes. Can you please provide a solution to this.


To use a computer with larger capacities.