Data download from copenicus data hubs - degraded performances

Dear all,

we noticed a strong degraded performance in the data download speed in the last few months.
The situation got worse in the last days.

Does anybody know if this issue is known and if ESA has any plan to fix?


as this forum is about the software only, it is probably better to directly address your question to

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Thank you very much for the information. I was just wondering if other users had the same problem.
I will address my question there.

yes, I also experienced this loss of performance.

these are good alternatives:

Both allow batch downloading and are currently much faster.

Me too. Peps is a very good alternative

Thanks all for the alternatives.
Actually, we download a huge amount of data and we wrote a procedure which continuously checks the hubs.
However, this is based on ESA API so we can use the national mirrors (for instance the Austrain or the Greek) but not Peps or Alaska satellite facilities website.

I hope they are going to fix the performance soon.

Thanks again!

Dear sanantoniouspurs,
You can download S1A data form Earthdata which NASAR opreates.