Data for S1 Stripmap Interferometry tutorial

Could anyone tell me where the data is for this tutorial?


I’ve put the Napa Valley Stripmap SLC data here


Hello there and thank you for the data!

I have a question: I’m trying to replace the tutorial using two different Sentinel 1 SLC IW data but I can get how I have to chose the two product. I mean are there some rules (the same orbit for example) to chose this two data?
I’m going to describe you what I did:

  1. I downloaded “S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20160709T051919_20160709T051946_012067_012A9B_E66D” and “S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20160821T051116_20160821T051143_012694_013F33_53E5”
  2. I selected (slipt) the swath I need of each data (about the same region I need, of course)
  3. I debursted the two data
  4. I used subset process for each data and I selected only “VV” band
  5. I run coregistration process
  6. I run Interoferogram process

now it’s all ok but if I try to do the terrain correction, I loose all info “interferogram” contains.

How can I solve my problem? thank you!


Piero, the previous dataset was in Stripmap mode and you were using the correct tutorial for that. However, this dataset is TOPSAR mode. IW and EW products are TOPSAR. The data is very different (It comes in bursts and subswaths) and needs different processing to handle it. Use the Sentinel-1 TOPSAR Interferometry tutorial on the tutorials page for this.

Use the S1 TOPS Coregistration. In the TOPS Split select the subswath and the polarization. (no need for subset to select VV)
Do your interferogram on the burst stack.
terrain correct - When terrain correcting an interferogram, select the phase band

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Hello lveci,

Great! Thank you so much! I’ll use the tutorial you suggested me :slight_smile:


Hello lveci!

Excellent! I worked out the interferogram using the tutorial about TOPSAR you suggested me! Now I’d like to know if it’s possible to convert the phase into height. I’ve red about “unwrapping processor with snaphu” yet but I wonder if there is a different way to do that.

Thank you!


What’s the physical difference between : Split-Deburst-Subset-Interferogram and Split-Interferogram-Deburst-Subset ? Because in computation time subsetting before interferogram is faster.