Data path option resets after closing SNAP


it seems that the Data Path option is not stored when SNAP is closed. In my case it is always reset to C:\Users\[myusername]\.snap. (On the other hand, the VM parameters are properly stored.)

This is not a major issue, but it’s bugging me, because I need to reset it each time I start SNAP. (Our IT department syncs the user profiles and complains when they contain too large files, which comes easy with some DEMs in the auxdata.)
I have SNAP 2.0-beta-07 installed on Windows 7-64 bit.


Hi Ben,
We just discovered the same issue. It’s a bug in the installer, which accidently expands the user directory of the user who installed the software. We’ll fix it in the next release!
– Norman

Good to hear! I really appreciate SNAP! Nice tool.