Datahub problems

Does someone know when does the Datahub from ESA will work correctly again? I have been trying to download S1 products, but…since 22 of February is impossible…! Does it exist a place where we users can notificate it?

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When that happens, we use as an alternative:

These usually work much better!

Hope this helps


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Thank you very much!

It solves it!


This sounds very strange since you say since Feb 22nd … I have been downloading weekly all the time without any problems, actually just now I download images. Maintenance is usually short, but if I get a download error, it often used to be a wrong date format or such for me … If the “dhus” portal does not work, there is also the apihub.

I use this script for downloading:

Anyway, scihub worked mostly since February, so I think you may have a different problem than the dataportal not working.