DC to reflectance

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I would like to export the S2 L1C image into a netcdf file containing the physical values of every band (in reflectance unit, for instance). However, I’m stuck with integer numbers. How can I convert the DC into scaled values before exporting?
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I think you can use a simple bandmath like “B2/1000” and save as floating point data.

Please have a look at the algorithm document “https://sentinel.esa.int/web/sentinel/technical-guides/sentinel-2-msi/level-1c/algorithm”. Reflectance, often between 0 and 1, is converted into integer values, in order to preserve the dynamic range of the data by applying a fixed coefficient (1000 by default).


Everything was well done!
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Be aware that the quantization of reflectance values in L1C product will change in future products. Reflectances will be coded in the [0, 10000] range instead of the actual [0 1000] that you can observe in current products on scihub.

A metadata value gives you this information in :