De Grandi multitemporal speckle filter?

I have trouble finding the definitive reference article for this type of multitemporal filter - could anyone point me in the right direction? If someone would have code or pseudocode, even better…

What about - in particular after Fig 3.1 and ref [49] ( 1. De Grandi, G.; Leysen, M.; Lee, J.; Schuler, D. Radar reflectivity estimation using multiple SAR scenes of the same target: Technique and applications. In Proceedings of the 1997 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IGARSS’97. Remote Sensing—A Scientific Vision for Sustainable Development, Singapore, 3–8 August 1997; pp. 1047–1050.)


Hey all,

I was wondering… is this filter already implemented in SNAP 7?

No we don’t have De Grandi and it’s not on the roadmap for now. The multitemporal is based on Quegan.

Thanks Luis for the answer.
Is the non-local filtering eventually in the roadmap?