DEM and interferogram shifted

Hi. We’re in the topo phase removal step. Upon inspection of the topo phase band, I realized there’s a large shift between DEM and interferogram, please see screenshot attached (notice the mouse cursor). We tried different auto-download DEMs. We also tried Radar > Geometric > Update Geo Reference, to no avail. We’re unclear if this last tool is for correcting such a large horizontal shift or only for smaller ortho-rectification (e.g. layover and shadowing, etc.)? We could try an external DEM (in GeoTIFF format), but we expect the shift to persist, as it’s probably the interferogram’s georeferencing that’s wrong. Maybe redo the processing graph starting with DEM-assisted XCorr coregistration? Would you have any other suggestions, please? Otherwise we’ll have to resort to a third scene only to generate the DEM. Thanks.