DEM Assisted Coregistration functions - Difference

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What is the difference between the “DEM Assisted Coregistration with XCorr” and the “DEM Assisted Coregistration” function ?

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For missions such as ENVISAT, the DEM Assisted is not good enough so it needs some cross correlation coregistration to adjust any final shifts.
However, there are cases where you may only want the geometric only DEM assisted coregistration. For example, when there is movement in the scene, you don’t want the cross correlation to pick that up and warp it. You may want to run DEM assisted only and then apply offset tracking to measure the movement.

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but in case of a InSAR/DInSAR application of a volcano, what would you reccomand?
I’m Working with S6 and i went always with SNAP v.3.0 with the crosscoreg to get an interferogram of Piton dela fournaise.

Would you recomand to work also with run DEM assisted only and do then the offset tracking, then the interferogram?

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