DEM Resampling

Dear S1TBX people:

I was wondering if anyone have information on which is the best DEM Resampling method and resampling type to be use in the co-registration process of SAR images. Which ones of the available ones (Nearest, Bilinear, Cubic, etc) Is the best and where can I find the RMS of the process. Or how can I assess my co-registration.

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The Bisinc resampling is probably best but slower. For most cases a simple and fast bilinear should be good enough.
For cross-correlation based coregistration, you can view and export the RMS values through the InSAR Stack Toolview found in View -> Tool Window -> Radar -> InSAR Stack
For TOPS coregistration, we don’t have RMS values but you could look at other statistics such as for the ESD.


Hi @lveci , I am using graph builder in SNAP for TOPS coregisteration of all IWs. Which bisinc (5, …21 points) interpolation do you suggest in back-geocoding stage? My study area is extended between 3 IWs and I subset it for unwrapping. I was wondering if the selection of this bisinc interpolation may cause problems or less accuracy for unwarpped results. Regards/Faramarz