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I am currently running the gpt over a large amount of files. Since they cover the same area, will the DEMs be downloaded again or are they reused? If not, can I somehow change the settings or should I just download the whole DEM once and set “external DEM”?
The used DEM is Aster 1sec GDM

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ASTER is not automatically downloaded. You have to download it yourself and place it in the aux/dem folder.
Once it is there, it will be reused. As an alternative you can use it as external DEM.

In general: Any DEM which is already downloaded, will be reused. There is still a progress bar at the bottom every time but it simply checks if there is a DEM available.

Or did I miss your point?

No you answered my point right away! Thank you :slight_smile: I selected ASTER 1sec GDEM in the Terrain-Correction Tab before saving my graph, what would be used as DEM if I did not download anything before?

I believe, a flat surface is assumed when the given DEM is not found.

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Thanks again :slight_smile: