Deramping/Demodulation for Resampling and Multilooking Ops

Dear Dev team,

I was wondering where I could find (in the s1tbx source) the code that demodulates (squinted) Stripmap data (SLC products) in azimuth before resampling (e.g., warping during coregistration or any resampling op) or multilooking. I know where to find this for TOPS (the deramping and demodulation functions).

I want to make sure that the spectrum (in azimuth) gets properly centered before applying any of these operations.



For S1-A stripmap data there is no need to perform any steps before performing resampling or multi-look (and there is no need to perform deramping as this is only required for TOPS IW & EW acquisitions).

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Thanks Peter.

Yes, my question is more related to other sensors, as the toolbox also supports RSAT, ALOS, etc (Stripmap mode).

I’d also like to add Spotlight mode and for that I’d need the deramping function as well.

If possible, I’d like to add this demodulation (and possible deramping) steps in one single place in the code to make it generic.

Like Peter has said, we don’t apply any deramping on stripmap products.
If there is some commonality between the deramping for TOPS and what you would like to do for Spotlight then we could help you separate it out into its own class. It would be best if it could work with Spotlight mode of any mission.

Hi Luis,

OK, thanks. I’ll let you know.

Regarding demodulation + deramping: I know that Stripmap mode doesn’t require a deramping operation, but it may require a demodulation in azimuth if the squint (or resulting Doppler centroid) is considerable.

I remember seeing an implementation of this in older versions of the code (possibly NEST).

I’m now trying to find it in the s1tbx code.