Detailed Log Output for the GPT


we are using the GPT to preprocess Sentinel-1 images. We have a GPT graph that describes several steps.

Now we would like to get an idea about how long each of the steps takes, however the output of the GPT does not really provide that information. I already tried to set the log level to a lower value to get more information by adding -Dsnap.log.level=ALL to the gpt.vmoptions but I do not get any additional information.

Is there a way of seeing how long each of the components runs?



The steps are not processed sequentially. It’s processed by tiles and each tile pulled through the steps and several tiles are processed in parallel. You would want to know how long a particular step takes to process one tile. We don’t record this detail since it should be in microseconds. We use JProfiler to determine how much time each part of the code takes and how often it’s called.

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Thanks for the answer. I was not aware that the steps were not processed sequentially. That explains why there are no log statements with the information I was looking for.

If I have time at some point I might look further into JProfiler.