Developer Reponses



Is this the only way to ask for help on the SNAP Toolbox or is there a formal help desk email?

The details at: suggest if the question isn’t responded to by the community a developer should respond within 24 hours except on public holidays but it gives no alternatives. I’m not alone in having a 0 responses question open for a long time. How do we deal with these issues that aren’t resolved through the forum? Should we escalate to a formal help email address with these queries? Which email address should we use?



We are currently ramping up user support on the forum for S2TBX and S3TBX, while support for S1TBX should already be up to speed. The 24-hour response time mentioned on that page is a bit misleading since it is the “best case” and not a guaranteed level of service. I can see that in your case many of your questions have unfortunately not received an appropriate response yet.