Did names of files change?

Hi! today i downloaded a granule that had the following naming convention:


which does not comply with the starndard naming convention that should be something like:


trying to process that image in sen2cor (2.2.1) results in an error saying that the file does not have the appropriate naming.

i upgraded sen2cor to 2.3.0 and now i directly get a python error.

Changing mannualy the name of the file has no results as files inside that file also do not have the correct naming.

Is there something that i’m missing?



Yes. the naming convention changed on the 6th of December. It was announced by ESA on the 29th of November:


If you have issues with Sen2Cor, there’s a subforum for that side of your issue: http://forum.step.esa.int/c/s2tbx/sen2cor


S2MPC Operations Manager

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Thanks Jan! I thought the problem with sen2cor was the naming convention, but it was another issue. Debugged in python and found the way to solve it.

Posted the answer in this thread --> Sen2cor 2.3.0 error xml metadata

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