Difference between rasters in Snap and other softwares

Hi every body
I produced a DEM using a sentinel 1 image meanwhile I added a vector layer, shape file, that related to my case study area and in Snap vector place in the center of the DEM, the coordinate system of the vector and the DEM are UTM WGS 84 and Geographic respectively, then when I subset the DEM based on the vector layer and open the extracted DEM and the vector layer in ArcGIS or ENVI, they place far from each other, even I export the DEM without subsetting and open it in another environment like ArcGIS unfortunately I notice the vector layer doesn’t place in expected position while in Snap environment they are in correct position.
Can any one help me? What can I do to solve this problem!?

screenshots would be suitable here - I find it a bit hard to understand.

Thank you ABarun
I uploaded 2 screenshots from Snap and ArcGIS showing the same DEMs and shape files but as you see they seem very different! But I don’t kknow the reason of that!!

according to your screenshot, you didn’t perform Range Doppler Terrain Correction on your result (phase to dem). This step is required to transform the data into a coordinate reference system and correct for geometric distortions.
But it only works on the BEAM DIMAP product which still has metadata.

Thank you, I perform your suggestion and will com back to tell about the result

I performed that step and then exported it in format tiff for doing other processes. Fourtanotely it worked correctly and I appreciate for your kindness. In your opinion for displacement (phase to displacement) I must use the same correction (range doppler terrain correction)?

yes - just like your SAR image, the displacement map is distorted by the viewing geometry of the radar. Range Doppler Terrain Correction puts your pixels at the correct location.

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Thanks for your reply