Difference between two Process

Hello All,
I was trying to generate Interferometric images with the help of ALOS-2 PALSAR dual polarised data.
While i was going through the tutorial Tutorial
,They have mentioned to to coregistartion using " InSAR Optimized Coregistration", but there are no options like that in Sentinel-3 Toolbox.Instead there is “Coregistration” option there.
Kindly help me out through the same because when i was using sentinel-1, I am trying to import full polarimetric PALSAR-2 CEOS 1.1. level data into SNAP but it shows following error.


I would appreciate if anyone in this community could help me out as it is a part of my research work and quite urgent.


Did you tried only corrigistration function,

Yes, I tried coregistration function.
But i’m not getting a good interferogram image i.e i’m unable to find any fringe pattern in the image.

Hello Sir,
I’m getting a Interferogram phase image like this in which i’m unable to find any fringe pattern in the image.
I have created the interferogram image using the ALOS-2 PALSAR dual polarized data.
Kindly help me to get through this.


Check the Temporal and the B baselines between the pairs of images,