Difficulty Importing Sentinel-2 data using SNAP 2.0 beta 7

Prior to yesterday we have been using SNAP 2.0 beta 6 for anlaysis and processing of Sentinel-2 (S2-MSI L1C) data without any problems, but seeing a new beta (7) available we opted to upgrade in hopes it would increase functionality. Since then it has been impossible to import any new imagery across different import data types (geotiff, generic rgb etc.) into SNAP.

When the corresponding .xml file is selected through the browser import browser for import the browser window closes and nothing happens. No sign of any processing or windows popping up alerting to a long process being undertaken (as occurred in beta 6), nor are there any alerts of any errors occurring in the bottom right of the SNAP window. It just acts as if no request had been made at all. As stated before this similarly happens for all other data types and imports I have attempted, not just Sentinel 2.

Interestingly there is a semi functional work around. When selecting a product to open rather then importing your product instead selecting the “subset” feature on the right of the browser and then selecting the entire data set still functions to import simple data. However, for the use of this Sentinel-2 data this is unsuitable as when selecting an import (on beta 6) it would go on to ask you what zones and resolutions of the data you would like via a dropdown box. This is unavailable when selecting subset so a zone is arbitrarily assigned to it.

I’d like to reiterate that it is only the import function that doesn’t work. Reopening old saved sessions of Sentinel-2 data still functions exactly as expected. We’ve tested by installing beta 7 on another computer with identical results occurring. I was wondering whether anybody else has experienced these problems and whether anybody had any solutions?

Thanks in advance!

Hi James, thanks for the report. I can confirm this behaviour.
It’s probably me who is responsible for this… :flushed:
I will have a look at it.


Please have a look for updates. In the menu go to Tools/Plugins and then ‘Check for Updates’.


Working perfectly now. Thanks for the quick fix!