Displacement map of ALOS PALSAR in SNAP 8.0

Good afternoon!
Dear friends, I want to calculate the subsidence of the earth’s surface using the ALOS PALSAR satellite. But I don’t know the processing technology in the SNAP program. I studied the processing of the Sentinel-1 satellite, I would like to understand how to process ALOS PALSAR. There is data: FBD_SLC, FBD_RAW, FBD_GDH, FBD_GEC. I downloaded the FDB_SLC data, but I don’t know how to get the displacement map. Thanks for the help!

SLC data is the correct one. ALOS is acquired in stripmap mode, therefore many steps applied to S1 are not necessary.
You can follow along this tutorial: InSAR Displacement mapping with ERS data

Thanks! I will try.