Displacement result using Envisat

I get this displacement result using two Envisat images in the vegetated area in South Sudan, with 0.46 coherence. But I’m not sure about this result. any suggestions! Displacement|690x347

I think something went wrong here. Have you checked if the interferogram looks alright?
Can you please show the coherence layer as well?

Here is

That is almost completely uncorrelated, you will see it more clearly if you use a large coherence-window. Try with images 35 days apart if possible.

Yes, you are right as you can see below, there is no clear correlation. But how can I fix that? is it a processing problem.
Actually, I’m looking to detect ground subsidence due to oil/water extraction and that is why I used about 6 months apart. any suggestion?.

maybe you are more lucky if you compare imare pairs with smaller temporal baselines along this time.
For example two images of May/June, two of June/July, two of July/August, two of August/September ect…

This would help to minimize the impact of atmosphere for single scenes and you would still be able to detect trends or patterns. If there is subsidence in a specific area for all of the observed image pairs, it is likely that this is a steady process.
A result is given in these slides (you have to register to acess them): https://eo-college.org/resources/insar_deformation/

Thanks so much for your quick response. I will try that.