Display error using external DEM:CG overhead limit exceeded

Hi, I use external DEM when processing Iceland data, but I don’t know why the following error occurred.
Display as CG overhead limit exceeded

DEM website:ArcticDEM – Polar Geospatial Center

A common error with Java is “GC overhead limit exceeded”, which mean the system is spending too much time on garbage collection without actually reclaiming much memory. “CG” may be a localized version of “GC”. You didn’t mention details of the ArticDEM you are using (strip versus tiles, resolution). The full 2 meter ArcticDEM is big (and was produced using a supercomputer), so there may be an issue with selecting a subset suitable for your region of interest on a smaller system.

ArcticDEM Explorer allows you to export data.

I use these DEMs

Do I need to preprocess these Dems to use?
I’ve tried many Dems and haven’t found the right one yet

So you are using 2m resolution, so multiple TB per tile, which needs careful memory management to use on a typical desktop. Do those 4 tiles cover you ROI?

Your options are to reduce the resolution or cut out just the parts of each tile you need.
You can try creating a small DEM using subset on each of the tiles, then mosaic to get a reduced resolution DEM for your region.