Display the scale values of Band Maths expressions

Good day colleagues from the forum,

I just start using SNAP. My work is modelling water quality and I develop an expression applied to an area of the water body. I have displayed the variation results of my model (ranges from 70-85) but I would like to display a window with these ranges next to my study area, is this possible?

In the first image, what I currently have,

Then what I would like

Thanks in advantage.

Hi @leonardo.arias.27,

I don’t think there is any option like this in SNAP. For final layout, SNAP has some options like adding the north arrow, scale, look direction (layer manager -> add layer -> mapping tools).

What you can do is export your final result to geotiff (File -> Export -> GeoTIFF) and move to a GIS software.

Hope it helps,

If your goal is to do some layout / cartography, I suggest you to move in a more appropriate software. QGIS is the more reasonable solution for this purpose.

What I usually do is either to export my file in geotif format like @MCG suggest or directly use my .img (with associated .hdr) inside my .data folder if I already used ellipsoid or terrain correction.

It is true, SNAPs functionality is limited here. It is not a GIS software.
But at least you can export the colour legend to an external image.
Just right-click on the image and select “Export Colour Legend as Image”.

Yes, export the color legend is a good alternative. Thanks all for your comments!