DLL load failed

i have installed sen2cor and the installation going well but when i launch the correction using sen2corr i get the following error:

any help please.

Apperently Sen2Cor downgrades Anacondas Numpy and GDAL Version during its installation. I have no idea why it does this. What worked for me:
Open the Anaconda prompt and Upgrade GDAL and Numpy with this.

conda install gdal conda upgrade numpy

Hope it works for you too


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thanx man but now it giving me this error i try every thing but it s not working

hello i have 2 granule from an image sentinel 2 when am doing mosaicing the
resolution is destroyed i dont know why please help me

The Direcotry you have to choose is C:\S2A_blablabla.SAFE
So basically the main folder with the .SAFE at the end. Don’t go into sub folders, it did not work for me either.
Maybe that’s the case here

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yes it work thanks man you are the best