Do I need to do subset if my study area is even smaller than the area after split and deburst?

I am a beginner in remote sensing.
I am doing unwrapping process in SNAP.
I was wondering how the result changes with/without subsetting.
The left side is with subset(split/deburst/subset) and the right side is without(only split/deburst).
subset without

I guess the color is just randomly chosen by snap or it might be related to the phase difference of other places. but it seems the picture with subsetting has more information.

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the size of the product has an impact on the unwrapping, so if you have suffient areas with high coherence, you can make a subset after debursting the interferogram. This also saves processing time.

Whenever you compare two products, make sure that you apply the same color minimum and maximum to the raster values in the Color Manipulation tab. Otherwise the colors represent different values.

Thank you so much!!! I will make a subset. Thanks for the info about color manipulation!

Sorry, one more question. Do backscattering values and coherence value also get an impact?

backscatter intensity is not analyzed within InSAR approaches, but you should keep an eye on coherence which is an indicator for phase quality.

Yes, you are right. Thank you so much!!!