Does SNAP have any image registration and geometric correction functions for aligning Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 images in one image?

I’m interested in applying object detection operations. I’ve used Sentinel 1 data and Sentinel 2 data for this project. Preprocessed Sentinel 1 data and generated a mask for land mapping from Sentinel 2 data.

The thing is that now after applying the mask (for land mapping) to Sentinel 1 data, those images can be seen that they’re not perfectly aligned. I’ve read that: Image registration aims to align two or more images acquired by different sensors or on different dates, which mainly includes two steps: image matching and geometric correction.

Can this be done by SNAP? If so, how?

Did you apply Range Doppler Terrain Correction to the Sentinel-1 data using the Copernicus DEM as height reference?
How did you stack both images?

There is a tool is SNAP that you could use after dealing with S1 data: Raster/Geometric/Collocation. You could use the S1 as reference to collocate the S2.