Download old products S2

It is still possible to download the old products (the ones with all the tiles inside)?

Now from “” I can download just the single tiles…

Having to work on areas divided into several tiles it is better for me perform just one atmospheric correction and just one export in Envi format (without mosaicking several tiles in Envi).

Thanks in advance


images released after 2016-12-06 you can only download for single Granules (around 100x100km) with newest naming conventions . For older images (between 2016-12-05 - 2016-09-26( or something)) you can download images for single Granules with oldest naming conventions. For images acquired before 2016-09-25 you can download images for all scene (around 290x290km) with oldest naming conventions. Somethings you can meet errors for images acquired before 2015-11-30 and download images as well as for single granules an all scene but is single accidents. I said about

Best Regards

Best Regards

If you want to work with old S2 tiles (before august 2016), you could try to download it from AWS (Amazon Web Services).

There is an intereresting tool developped by GitHub’s User “kraftek” to download a Tile in *.SAFE format from AWS, called AWSDownload:

I talked about it and gave a little example in this post (it’s just in spanish…sorry!!!)

For using Sen2cor with this kind of TILE, you have to use the path to the SAFE file located inside the GRANULE file.

I hope this could help you.