Duplicate Pixels

I am processing S2A data to LAI using the biophysical processor, and am now going back and masking out the data using the Raster>Masks>Land/Sea Mask. I have pre processed the data using the S2 Resampling Processor, and all is fine at this step; however, when applying the mask, there appears to be a bug at the top right of the masked data, causing duplication of pixels within a column of the data. I have a large area, approximately a few kilometers square, where the image looks mirrored or duplicated. I have verified it is coming out during the masking process, as I have run the biophysical processor without masking and this does not occur, nor is there the same issue within the pre processed data. Does anyone know why this is occurring? I have run this a few times and am getting the exact same results, so I think I can safely assume it is not a one off issue. Thank you in advance.

I haven’t heard of this particular issue before.
Do you have the latest updates for SNAP installed?
Can you post a screenshot of the result?
This is helpful to further investigate the problem.

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Thanks @marpet,

I just updated and it solved my problem. I can still upload a screenshot if you would like, but updating did fix the issue.

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I suspected a resolved issue to be the cause.
The screenshot is not necessary. Thanks.