Enhance spectral diversity problem SNAP 5.0

Hi all.

I’m using SNAP version 5.0 and I noticed that there is some problem with enhance spectral diversity filter. After I have done coregistration I apply enhance spectral diversity filter and after that I made interferogram formation . As result I get low coherence results and in the phase fringes are not connected at all??! I’m using S1A images.
Does anyone have similar problem??

Does this only happen with the enhanced spectral diversity filter?
I mean, have you tried if the result is different without this step? Because more coherence values are not uncommon for S1 interferometry.

Maybe you can provide screenshots for demonstration and comparison.

this is the coherence when the enhanced spectral diversity filder is applied
and thi is coherence when filter is not applied

to me, those are nearly the same. :slight_smile:

Your temporal baseline is 48 days so, besides urban areas, not much pixels of higher coherence can be expected. Accordingly, your interferogram is of bad quality. Is there much vegetation in your scene? Because this leads to massive decorrelation between your images’ signals.

You maybe have the chance to partially increase the coregistration result by applying precise orbit files to both data sets (they are released within 20 days after data acquisition, so they probably weren’t available for 12May17) but this is of small effect only.

Yes there is much vegetation in scene!
this is coherence after i crop scene only to urban area