ENV_AT_1_RBT geolocation and the Pin Manager

Hi Team,

Many thanks - again! - for finding the formula to work with the ENV_ and ER1_AT_1_RBT geolocation grids, with the flawed tie-point data. I just did a quick one-pixel check on geodetic_tx vs geodetic_in lat/lon and have found a superb distance difference of 0.0149 km. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

The only slight issue is that neither location shows up in the Pin Manager box. Is it possible to enable that at some point, please?

Best wishes,

Hi Pauline,
Yes, in the end we made it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing up this issue. I’ve entered it into our bug database.
[SIIITBX-417] Pin Manager does not show geolocation for ENV_AT_1_RB and ER1_AT_1_RBT data - JIRA (atlassian.net)

Hi Marco,

Super -thanks again for all your help.