ENVI F mask algorithm

I am sorry for posting a problem of different ground in here but I hope many of us are also using ENVI and F mask algorithm for Sentinel 2 images. I built a cloud mask in ENVI following the tutorial link https://www.harrisgeospatial.com/docs/CalculateCloudMaskUsingFmask.html and tried to apply the cloud mask to all the bands in Sentinel 2 image but the mask could only be applied to the bands with 10 m resolution. Does anyone have the way out with this?

Dear rajeev.bhattarai,

I would suggest that you discuss this in the ENVI Forum.
There is now problem to point to other software like ENVI, if it can do something what SNAP cannot, but discussing issues liket this, which are not related to SNAP, one of the Toolboxes or the plugins would bloat this forum.

So I will close this thead. I hope you will find the answer in the ENVI forum.

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