Sir, I want to make interferrogram from ENVISAT data of 2009. But when I apply the orbit file then an error came that orbit files for the ENVISAT is available untill 2008.

I want to process the data of 2009 so that please let me know that how can I obtain the ENVISAT orbit files. Please help me in this regard.

You’re probably using the Delft orbits. Use the DORIS orbits. They
should be available for the whole mission.

Sir, When I apply DORIS orbits then again one error came which has been attached with this reply. Please see and guide me how to resolve this also?

Thank you

Seems you’re using DOR_POR. Use instead the DOR_VOR which are complete, apart from a couple of weeks in the Envisat commissioning period which probably shouldn’t matter to you. Info on DOR_VOR is at https://earth.esa.int/web/guest/data-access/browse-data-products/-/article/doris-precise-orbit-state-vectors-1502
Hope this helps.

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