ENVISAT terrain flatterning

Hi, i tried to elaborate some ENVISAT imagine (ASA WSS), when i select the debrust i have to choose the SS from 1 to 5; if i select SS1 and after calibration use the terrain flatt. all work; if i select SS2 to SS5 and after calibration use the TF i have a blank product; can anyone help me with this problem.

can you provide the full name of the product?


i apply:

  • Debrust

sorry, I can’t find it. Where did you get it?

Where is it located? I should find it over the date and location.

It was a specific product request directly to order desk, , acq. date is 04 nov 2010 and the area is the north east of Italy

is it one of those?

Yes it is the first product acquisition time 04 nov 2010 9.19.26

none of the displayed is acquired at 09:19:26

so I guess they are not the same data. Wouldn’t make much sense to test on another product.

I will try another dataset, maybe the problem could be linked with this “missing”?

at least we cannot exclude this. If the problem persits with a dataset that is available in EOLiSA I will try it here.

hi,have you solve the problem?

hi, no, i change the method without terrain flatt.