Envisat wave mode products

Hi everybody.
This topic is not related directly with the processing tools, but I will appreciate your help.
Do you know what is the difference between these two ENVISAT products: ASA_WVS_1PNPDK20090118_150920_000016192075_00383_36008_1662.N1

The answer should be here:

thank you for your answer but I’ve not found any information in the official documents because the products are “in theory” the same.

Despite searching I have not found the description of the naming convention online. You could try examining the product metadata to see what the difference between the products is.


Looking at the file names there are 2 differences: the processing stage (N and P) and the originator ID (PDK and IFR). A processing stage of N refers to near real-time while I have not been able to find a definition for P. A originator ID for PDK refers to the ESA processing facility at Kiruna, Sweden and again I cannot find the processing centre IFR but it could be Ifremer, France. The first part of the product is ASCII and so you can easily look at this (e.g. using vi or more on Linux or Wordpad on Windows) to give more information about the processing details.

I would recommend using PDK product in case different processing has been applied to the IFR product (but it is most likely that the data is identical for both products).

The ESA Envisat ASAR product specification has been uploaded: Vol05_Structures_3d_20071122.pdf (450.1 KB). This give information on the contents of ASAR products.