Ephemerides S2A

I would like to ask few questions regarding the Ephemerides of Sentinel 2.
I am using the program ESOV NG and the Orbit for Sentinel 2A using the last RepCycle, 10.
Then I apply the SZA 80 deg. to the zone that I have defined and I obtain the dates of the passage of the satellite in my area, but then, if I go to the Copernicus website to download the images, I dont have the images for the dates calculated with the ephemerides program.
Could anyone please help me?

Hello nazba,

What is your AOI? You can use the regularly-released Acquisition Plans (Available from https://sentinel.esa.int/web/sentinel/missions/sentinel-2/acquisition-plans) in KML format with GE to determine the frequency of acquisition.



S2 MPC Operations Manager

Hello Jan,
Thank you very much for your quick answer!
My AOI is French Guiana!
I have seen that the frequency is 10 days exactly, from the 9th september to the 19th , so, if I want to know which will be the passings of S2 in my AOI I only have to conitnue adding 10 days to the last aquisition time? And the exactly time of passing? Is it possible to know it?
And ESOV NG, is it possible to use it to know the ephemerides? Was I using it correctly?
Thank you very much!


I have done a check with my tool, and if Iā€™m right, the whole of French Guiana is split between two relative Orbits (R067 and R110). Checking for these Orbits identifies that the 10-day repeat is not consistent. For instance:

  • For R110 I have 3 Orbits between July the 1st and September the 10th
    Absolute Orbit A005684 of the 24th of July
    A005970 of the 13th of August,
    A006256 of the 2nd of September.

  • For R067 I have 4 orbits between July the 1st and September the 10th:
    Absolute Orbit A005498 of the 11th of July,
    A005784 of the 31st of July,
    A006070 of the 20th of August,
    A006356 of the 9th of September

So, not a 10 Day repeat cycle.
Do these dates match with yours?



Hello Jan,
Thak you very much for your help!
It is working now!

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