Equivalent of SNAP's collocation with rasterio

I’m looking for something that works in another python package that works well with in-memory geotiff files since our system is setup to store and read S-2 files as geotiffs. Rasterio has nice functionality for in-memory manipulation (MemoryFile) of which i’m not aware of for snappy. However I want to collocate images in the same was as SNAP. As far as I can tell from the help docs, collocation seems a lot like rasterio’s reproject function [rasterio_reprojection].(rasterio.warp module — rasterio 1.4b1.dev0 documentation).

In that function it appears that rasterio reprojects from a src raster to a dst raster (with resampling). Anyone aware of if they are essentially the same (or not)??

They can’t be the same, because the implementation are different. But according what you are describing the results are probably similar. You can try and report your findings.

But you can also use the collocation for SNAP from Python with snappy.

You can also find several examples in how to do it when you search the forum for “GPF.createProduct(”
This is the main call to invoke operations.

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