Error excuting sen2cor

I have installed sen2cor module few days ago and have used successfully with a new format c1 product obtaining the L2a product. Then I tried to use it with another older format product, from 9-Jul-2016, and now strange things are happening and also the L2a product was not generated or I not able to found it. The process step by step is:

  1. Open the original 1c product
  2. Open the sen2cor processor Windows and check that the input file is selected and clic “Run”
    An error appears as shown in the next figure

    I clic “Ok” and the sen2cor properties Windows is open as shown in the nexts to figures:

I check that properties are the same as the day sen2cor was instaled and I clic “Ok” and in the next window the “run” button.
Now the process begins with any error message about “Python” as shown in the next figure, that is curious:

Now it runs for a while, meaning that the process is working, until it stops with another error:

Here is the output messages:
sen2cor-run-output-messages.txt (6.6 KB)

And the log XML file from the sen2cor folder:
S2A_USER_PRD_MSIL2A_PDMC_20170308T120825_report.xml (70.0 KB)

Any idea what is happening?
Thanks in advance

May I try with the previous sen2cor versión?
Where can I find it?

Hi Angel,

I suggest you to remove the L2A folder product before launching again sen2cor (perhaps it is corrupted).
Perhaps, the modification of the product name that you have made is causing problems. Please, could you try to move your product to a shorter path, rename it with its original name and execute again sen2cor?

Now it work!! without going to previous sen2cor versión, thanks a lot!

I move the product to a shorter path folder as you suggest, I open the 1C moved product and run the sen2cor processor.

It still displays a message about the path of Python but after second time cliking “Run” it finish the proccess and created the 2A product.