Error in pre-processing new data (java.lang.nullpointerexception)!

Hi there,
So I got in an error message “java.lang.nullpointerexception” while I am pre-processing (Thermal noise removal) my data. I have a time series and the error starts fromt eh one that was from 2018.03.14, before this time, the pre-processing went very well. I saw one of the users suggested that it might mean that the data after March 12th 2018 does not need this pre-processing step. Is that true? Does it mean that these newer images/files do not need any Thermal Noise Removal pre-processing at all and I have to skip this process for the images after mid-march 2018?
Thanks for your reply in advance

No, it means that after mid March we are using new IPF to generate S-1 products. These new data contain both “Range noise vector list” and “Azimuth noise vector list” as expleined in
The IPF changes were implemented in SNAP.

If you keep receiving errors please check if you have all the new updates of SNAP installed (you shall have v 6.0.2 of SNAP implementation)

Conclusion: you still need to apply Thermal Noise removal as before but with new (updated) version of SNAP