Error message on new installation of SNAP Application Platform

Ubuntu 18.4 16Gb Memory, 2TB HDD AMD CPU. SNAP was working fine but then stopped.Then when the icon to run it was clicked it just sat there and blinked at me. Re-installed SNAP, All Toolboxes, now get error msg
: Cannot rename file Menu/optical/Orfeo Toolbox/.nbattrs~in home/nifty/.snap/system/config to Menu/Optical/Orfeo/Toolbox/.nbattrs. New file exists:true. Rename result:null

Then the SNAP Application Platform does nothing. Needs Ctl/Alt/Del to remove and run main program.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.


It seems that the menu structure was changed for the Orfeo Toolbox extensions. The renaming seems not to work.
Try to delete the folder /nifty/.snap/system/config. Do a backup before.
Then it should work again.