Error: [NodeId: bandmerge] Product [sourceProduct.1] is not compatibal to master product

I used sentinel-2 to do principal component analysis(pca) in Orfeo Toolbox (OTB) and imported texture analisis in snap. I want to combine the texture features with the index NDVI calculated in snap before using babd merge to form a data set. However, the Error: [NodeId: bandmerge] Product [sourceProduct.1] is not compatibal to master product in Graph Builder. How can I solve it?

please upload the graph file (XML) here, so we can have a look.

error.docx (233.9 KB)
did you want to see it?

Band Merge is not the correct operator to bring two products together. I recommend the Collocation tool.
Please have a look at this tutorial, especially at the chapter where the collocation is explained. The selection of your master and the resampling type will affect your output product.

Synergetic use of S1 (SAR) and S2 (optical) data and use of analysis tools

thanks for your reply,but i also have problem about it.
At first,i want to say that my index data and texture feature data are both calculated from s2-data.
then,i used the collocation tool,but failed.i found the reason is that the texture features data must to be i want to know how to geo-code the data.

What is the data source of the textures and why are they named like this?


Looks like they have somehow lost their metadata during the processing in the orfeo toolbox. Did you know that you can derive textures in SNAP as well? This would avoid the import of OTB-processed data into SNAP.

I did principal component analysis(pca) in Orfeo Toolbox (OTB),because it is more faster than snap,and used the results to derive texture in there something that i can do to add the metadata that i lost?

sorry, I am not experienced with the Orfeo Toolbox.

What kind of error do you get during the collocation?

The error message is that Source product ‘pca_glcm’(my texture data) must be geo-coded.