Error: [NodeId: Read]

Hi all,

I encountered this error when running a script which calls gpt :

Error: [NodeId: Read]
Failed to create directory within 10000 attempts (tried 1519383273726-0 to 1519383273726-9999)

It crashes when reading the image. SNAP (by window) also fails to open the image (and other images).

When I run the script as root it works, however all the permissions are open (chmod -R 777) in the directories where the script read/write. I do not want to work as root. SNAP was also installed as user (I mean no root) so it has proper permissions.

SNAP is version 6.0.

It was working fine last week, could it be a matter of updates made during the week? (java?)

Thanks in advance,


I have this error too after the last update

EDIT: fixed after reboot.