Error when calibrating S1 SLC SM data

When trying to calibrate Sentinel1 SLC strip map data (e.g. S1A_S1_SLC__1SDH_20190423T121118_20190423T121148_026917_03072D_C5F5)
I get the following error message: “Calibration should be applied before deburst”.
I am not applying any debursting, also, since this is strip map data, debursting shouldnt be necessary at all!?
For TerraSar-X data it works fine.

I would appreciate if you can tell me what I’m doing wrong (using SNAP 6.0.0 in Windows+Linux).

I believe this has been fixed. Please update to the latest. Thanks

In version 7.0 it is working.
Didnt see that its already out, thanks!