Error when coregistering images

GeFolki is giving me the error below regardless of whether I try to coregister two Sentinel 1 products, two Sentinel 2 products or a Sentinel 1 product with a Sentinel 2 product.

A problem occurred during the target product processing.
Type: OperatorException
Message: Error on coregistration processing (possibly too large images): The Product 'product1_coreg' already contains a band with the name 'band1'.

I am running SNAP 8.0.5 on Windows.

Can you please check if it works well for you? Any idea how to resolve the error?

Please share the error log, from SNAP log file, located under Help → Show Log Directory, most recent messages.log file.

Hi Oana,

Please find the log file attached.

messages.log (82.7 KB)

At first sight, from the log, I see that you tried 2 times to coregister the same 2 images, probably re-using the same output product, this is why the error occured at the second try.
Did it worked the first time?
You can try again, from start, with a different output product (or cleaning the previous one).

I only did the coregistration once. It seems that the program is doing a second attempt after the first attempt fails.

Unticking the “Save as” option solves the error.

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Either that, either changing the name of the output.
I am glad it worked.

Thank you Oana. I don’t think that changing the name would have worked. When I looked at the log file I saw that the first error was “Unsupported image format”.

I saw that too, I am looking into it and trying to reproduce it. This error was raised at the second try.