Error with opening ALOS-2 CEOS L1.5 file

I am trying to open a CEOS format level 1.5 ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 Scan-SAR image, but I get the error:
The product ‘filename’ already contains a band with the name ‘Intensity_HH’. I’m using the latest version of SNAP. I was previously able to open these files about a year ago using an older version of SNAP, but I can’t recall which version worked. I wonder if this could be a bug in the code somewhere, or am I choosing a wrong option for opening the files? Once I can open them I’ll convert them to BEAM-DIM format for further processing.

I’m using: File - Import - SAR sensors - ALOS-2 CEOS

An example filename is: VOL-ALOS2315573600-200327-WBDR1.5RUD

I fixed this by placing all the CEOS files associated with each image into their own directory. The filenames were all unique, so I thought it would be ok to include them under the same sub-directory, but it seems they have to be seperated.