ESD operator does not work on stack of multiple images

Since SNAP 5.0, it is possible to use back-geocoding operator on multiple S1 images (via product-set reader). However, enchanced-spectral-diversity (ESD) operator isn’t adapted to that possibility.

After several tries and various series of S1 images, I concluded:
Applying ESD on back-geocoded stack (both manually or through graph) works on first two images of stack only, others are subsequently broken so that they consists only of zero values.

I’d be glad if you could look into that issue.

Richard C.

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I’ll have a look. Thanks

hello,how do the upper question solved ?I’ve a stack of 25 slc images usinging Radar->back-geocoding operator with snap7.0.3 ,I want to run enchanced-spectral-diversity (ESD) operator for the next step ifg and PSI, do noly the first two SLC images of the stack goes?

this was solved in SNAP 6.0, so the initial question should no longer be a problem.