Even better resolution?

hi everyone !

i want to use some sentinel 2 imagery in a game engine for a flight simutaion project .
as you know the resolution is 10 m wich is good , but you always need more :stuck_out_tongue:

first question

  • is there a chance in some future to get higher resolution from the sentinel satellites family or it’s technically impossible ?

second question

thanks and good day / night

Sentinel-2 has no panchromatic band, so 10 meter is the ultimate resolution. There are approaches who use pansharpening to achieve higher resolutions of images but this is also limited by the resolution of the satellite data. Currently, there are no freely available data of higher resolution, ESA is offering access to some of them here:

Pansharpening can be performed with the OrfeoToolBox (OTB) from QGIS:

But it wouldn’t make sense to use a 1m image to pansharp a 10m image because the discrepancy is too large and the result will not be of good quality. Best you could achieve is maybe 3 meters, given that you find a matching scene at this resolution.