Export H/A/Alpha as geo-tiffs

I have created H/A/Alpha decomposition from sentinel-1 SLC product
but the outputs are in bmp format.
Using Display->Convert BMP File I can convert these images to tiffs but the geographical data was lost
How can I do that without loosing the data?

I think you need to terrain correct the data first

Is processing the data entirely in SNAP an option to you?

Thanks, will check it momentarily.

Can SNAP make H/A/Alpha decomposition for Sentinel-1 SLC VV+VH data?

Can you elaborate on the “Input Parameter File” and the “SAR Metadata file” needed?
How can I create them?

you take one of the files which you have created with the HA/A/Entropy decomposition, one is the bin, the other is the original metadata of the S1 sensor which was also used during the import into PolSARpro