Export Mask Pixels created as a separate band

I’ve created a Cloud Mask for an S2A image using Mask Manager and the Maths Function. The Mask displays correctly in SNAP.
I would now like to export this Mask image for use within ArcGIS. So I used File - Export Other - Mask Pixels - Selected the Mask I need. The output is a txt file. However, ArcGIS is not reading/ viewing this. The file has been created as I opened it in NotePad.

Following a review on the step forum, I’ve also created a separate band for the Mask using the Maths Function. The band looks find when viewed on SNAP. How do I export this band into a GeoTIFF, or a format readable by ArcGIS pls ?


you can use the subset operator, but for that you have to resample the product before.
Another way is to save the full product in BEAM-DIMAP format. This format will create a folder [outputname].data that contains all the bands in ENVI format. This pair of .hdr and .img files should be readable by ArcGIS.

I created a .tif of a water index from Sentinel product.
Then made a mask of pixel values I wanted to extract from the index (>0 INDEX <=1).
Used that mask in band Maths to create a new raster. It was simply the mask in the expression box.
Exported that raster as a .tif using the export subset to only export the new raster.
Added to ArcGIS for further analysis.
This really helped cause ArcGIS kept crashing when I tried to reclass the image there.