Export Mask Pixels - Freeze/Crash

reporting a possible bug;

If I

  • run oil slick detection using a S1a image
  • double click on mask in product explorer
  • right click on the mask in viewer screen to open pop-up menu
  • Selecting, ‘Export Mask Pixels’ causes SNAP to freeze.
  • if you wait and then try to exit SNAP crashes.


have you saved the target product to disk?
I’ve tried to do the same and the detection took hours, I did not wait to finish the processing. Maybe it helps if you save it and then open the result.
Also on which operating system are you working and how much RAM do you have?

Win 7, 10GB RAM.

I did not get to the ‘save target’ menu, it freezes as soon as you click on ‘export mask pixels’.

But when you do oil slick detection you should have the option to save the target. Have you done this?

@lveci Have you noticed such behaviour before?

Yes - it is being written as a BEAM_DIMAP format, it is a new file with bands